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The Trouble With Traditions

September 30, 2023

2:00 PM

This Limelight Theatre original Christmas play is a hilarious musical comedy that involves devious plots, wacky hijinks, and Christmas curses that drive home the importance of spending time with your loved ones.

The Limelight Theatre is holding auditions for the Trouble With Traditions on September 30th at 2:00 PM.

To audition for a singing role, please prepare 30 seconds of music, and bring your own music with a speaker or a bluetooth connectable device. Singing auditions will be held first. Cold reads will be held for the rest of the audition process. If you are unable to make it to the audition, please send a video of a one minute monologue (and song if auditioning for a singing role) to

Character Breakdown:

Richard Novak - C3-C5
Late 50s or mid 60s. CEO/manager of a technology company and grandfather. Obsessed with his yearly Christmas Eve dinner.

Abigail Novak -
Daughter of Richard, parent of Mason and Ava. Has a great love of theatre and her children.

Cameron Novak -
Abigail’s spouse. Parent of Mason and Ava. Supportive of wife and children’s theatre dreams.

Mason Novak - G3-G4
8-12 year old boy who is very into theatre.

Ava Novak - G3-G4
8-10 year old girl. Likes the more technical parts of theatre, painting, set design.

Hannah - A4-D5
An 18-25 year old woman. An intern at Richard's company. High-strung moral compass.

Jordan - A4-D5
18-25. An intern at Richard's company. Snarky and sarcastic.

Xavier - A4-D5
18-25. An intern at Richard's company. An international student that is a people-pleaser.

Michelle Monroe -
40-60. Theatre director for the theatre the Novaks frequent.

Karen -
Long-time secretary to Richard. No-nonsense.

Box Office Manager -
20-40. High strung.

Stage Manager -
30-40 years old. High strung.

Theatre Kids 1,2, and 3 - G3-G4
Ranging from 8-15.

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