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Tuck Everlasting

December 9, 2023

11:00 AM

Please prepare 16 - 24 bars of a musical theatre selection in a moderate to upbeat tempo. Also have 16 bars of a ballad in case you are asked to sing a second piece. An accompanist will be provided, so please bring sheet music. No backing tracks or acapella auditions.

Callbacks will be Monday December 11th 6pm-9pm.

WINNIE FOSTER - 11 years old (may be cast older but should be able to believably play pre-teen), mezzo/soprano
JESSE TUCK - 17 years old, the youngest of the Tuck family, tenor
MILES TUCK - 22 years old, Jesse's older brother, tenor/baritone
MAE TUCK - 40s, Jesse's mother, mezzo
ANGUS TUCK - 40s, Jesse's father, tenor
MAN IN THE YELLOW SUIT - a nefarious leader of a traveling carnival, in
search of the fountain of youth, tenor/alto
CONSTABLE JOE - head of the police force in Treegap, tenor
HUGO - 17 years old, Constable Joe's sidekick and son, tenor/alto
MOTHER - 30s, Winnie's mother, mezzo
NANA - Winnie's grandmother, alto
Ensemble/Dancers (New Hampshire Town Members, Fair Performers/Vendors, Musicians, Etc)

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