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Holiday Hallelujah

In partnership with Limelight Theatre, musical director Jeff Dodd has assembled a chorus of more than 100 singers who performed in his choirs during his 35-year tenure as a performing arts educator at St. Augustine High School. Jeff will lead his past students, who are returning from near and far, in an inspiring concert of traditional, nostalgic and festive music that is sure to be a highlight of your holiday season! Staged in the elegant Flagler College Lewis Auditorium in downtown St. Augustine for only two performances, reserve tickets today for this holiday tradition in the making!

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Flagler College’s Lewis Auditorium

December 3 & 4, 2022

Preview Night


Terrific Tuesdays


Created and Directed by Jeff Dodd
Elizabeth Beaton, Assistant Director
Brandon Michael Smith, Collaborative Pianist

Willow Aboulafia
Angela Allison
Mia Celeste Andrews
Joshua Armstrong
Amie Chimento Ayers
Leslie Banta
Rachel Banta
Lynn Belcher
Annette Bell
Kaci Biats
Lisa Boyd
Chad Boyd
Ava Bratic
Ashley Brown
Joseph "Joey" Carey
Justin Carter
Keerstin Causey
Skylar Celano
Joe Colsant
Christine Brown Colton
Alisha Creswell
Kelly DiVuolo
Kathleen Doll
Mark Dougherty
Jeremy Dowler
Christy Dowler
Jill Duff Lee
James Dupree
Kim Edwards
Deena Pacetti Fletcher
Kimberly Pacetti Fletcher
Sara Fogle
Sean Forrest
Joshua Forrest
George Furlipa
Stacey Hesson Gillespie
Emily Gleeson
Marion Gooding
Elora Harris
Ben Henderson
Jill B. Herkel
Mary Herrington
Alex Hunt
Anna Lucero Hyde
Ki Immell
Rachel Janson
Jamie Jasmin
Jahun Johnson
Selah Johnson
Shannon Banks Kelso
Wyatt Kerly
Molly McCann Kirkpatrick
Tyson Lee
Robert Linkletter
Michael McCarthy
Madison McCutcheon
Kelsey McGarrigan
April Nipper McHone
Vanessa McLeod
Jennifer Miller
Mackenzie Elizabeth Moore
Taylor Morin
Mallory Morse
Shayla Nelson
Sarah Nowlin
Taylor Olin
Erin Connor Olinger
Lydia Osgood
Haleigh Owens
Noelle Owens-Thomas
Maureen Meehan Pasky
Jordan Pilcher
Raven Pinaud
Ali McCann Rabin
Sabrina Robinson
Ella Robshaw
Rachel Romero
Anthony Romero
Becky Lebon Rossetti
Amy Russell-Wilson
Riley Santangelo
Abigail Sawyer
Sheryl Piet Schock
Kendra Findley Scott
Lillian Seltenreich
Savannah Sewell
Chase Smith
Bailey Smith
Mhonteral Sparrow
Riley Stein
Briley Sullivan
Kimmie Thomas
Wyatt Tiller
Dana Tilton
Katie Timoney
Ralph Upton, III
Kristi Valdes
Isabel VanRysdam
A J Wilson
Sheena Wingo
Olivia Winstead
Kimberly Zielinski

Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture,
St. Johns Cultural Council, St. Johns County Tourist Development Council and Community Foundation for Northeast Florida.

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Masks Are Optional.

According to CDC guidance, masks are optional in our county, and are therefore optional within the facility. If you would like to wear one but forget it, we will have some on hand!

Stay Home If You're Sick

If you are experiencing any common symptoms like fever, shortness of breath, cough, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, please stay home.

Be a Team Player

Please comply with all precautionary measures put in place. We are following CDC guidelines. Allow yourself the option to maintain social distancing when you can, take advantage of the hand sanitizing stations, and follow all posted directions.

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